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Today there was a major tragedy in the state of Connecticut involving a mass shooting at an elementary school. This type of tragedy should open peoples’ eyes to the lack of morality in our world. I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering that the relatives and family members of all of those involved will face for the rest of their lives. We all should be thankful for the lives that we live and strive to love one another each and every day. I’ve heard a couple people today mention that they hope that the shooter burns and rots in hell, but I as a spiritual christian do not feel the same way. I pray that this man is truly sorry for his actions when faced by the Lord. What this man did is sickening and by far the worst thing that any person could do on this earth, but a true christian would never want him cast into the fires of hell. Pray that this man finds forgiveness for his actions. The man that many model their lives after died on a cross and forgave the men and women that beat him, spit on him, and eventually murdered him…yet he still forgave these people. If you are reading this blog, please take time to re-establish rectitude in your lives. We need more heroes in this world in order to take time to reach out to people and inspire their lives. If we do that as human beings, we can help prevent these sort of tragedies. Please pray for all involved; they need God now more than ever.